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Carla Mae, Psychic Medium, TV & Radio Host, Spiritual Teacher and Author Uses Her Abilities to Help Bring Healing All Over the World. Combining extraordinary talent as a Psychic Medium and Emotion Code practitioner, Carla Mae has provided healing, comfort and closure for those all over the world when other solutions found no resolution.

As a celebrated TV & Radio Host, teacher and author - Carla Mae is dedicated in assisting those in need of healing on many levels. In the late ’90’s following a difficult time in her life, Carla had a life-changing spiritual awakening that came in the message from her brother from the other side. He told her she had been a medium in many lifetimes before and if she chose to be one, she would be excellent at it.

That reading began a series of events that would in a rapid time-frame, less than a year, would place her working as a professional psychic medium. Word of mouth travelled fast and within another year, she was the Official Psychic of the AW Pantoja Show in the Dallas radio market. Since then, she has been featured as a guest on countless radio shows and was even offered her own TV Show! 

She has read for audiences of hundreds, group sessions, and read for clients all over the world. As long as she can hear her clients voices, she can read for them no matter the distance. Answering the call to help her clients further, she began teaching early in her career to help other's learn how to use their own inner guidance. Assisting others in finding their intuition and strength is a passion of Carla Mae’s and she has taught classes on a wide range of spiritual topics for most of her career. 
A healer at her very core, Carla’s life path led her to become an Usui Reiki Master, and ultimately an Emotion Code Practitioner which she believes is one of her life goals. Following the line of teaching her clients to navigate life themselves using their intuition, The Emotion Code is a powerful healing tool that allows her clients to heal themselves with her assistance as they release emotions that may be causing them negative affects. Amazing results have been attained for her clients from releasing blocks holding them back from achieving life success in both their personal and professional lives. As well as, alleviating physical ailments. Using the Emotion Code to heal herself during and after a particularly painful divorce experience, Carla witnessed first hand how powerful it could be as a healing tool. 

Her clients range from all over the globe to all walks of life. She has been told she is more than one clients secret edge and retains clients for years to decades. Carla regularly receives messages from clients who had sessions with her many years ago rain about the accuracy of the messages even years later. Her reading sessions often contain messages about events that happen sometimes even a decade later.  

Carla Mae~  Psychic Medium- Spiritualist- Emotion Code Practitioner ~ Reiki Master~ UK.

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